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  • 2023/03/07
  • 穏やかな春の日のご案内

写真、グラフィック、WebデザインなどクリエイティブカンパニーMARSのWebサイトが遂に完成。追って業務実績等を追加する予定です。 世界に向けて、日本人の繊細なクリエーター達が創り出す技術で新しい未来を創造します。

Mars Co.,Ltd.
代表取締役社長 今城 知子 
取締役 尾畠 悠樹

【Information on a calm spring day.】
If you have time, please visit our website.
This is a design company where I serve as CEO. Photography, graphics, web design, etc. from Tokyo to the world. It corresponds widely from advertisement to artwork. The website of the creative company MARS has finally been completed. In the future, we plan to add achievements that have already been delivered. With teamwork that gives light and power to people around the world, we will create a new future with the delicate techniques of Japanese people. I love my crew like an RPG guild.
First of all, greetings to the world from here in Tokyo.

Mars Co.,Ltd. CEO
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